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Mrs. Dabbs  16/17
Welcome to the Cowan Jr/Sr High School Media Center


Tamara Dabbs - Librarian
(765)289-7128 ext 3310 (High School) - Tuesday, Thursday
(765)289-7129 ext 2310 (Elementary) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

[email protected] 



Mrs. Angie Daly

Library Aide 
Ext 2310  Elementary,  Ext 3310 High School
[email protected] 

Elementary: Tuesday, Thursday
High School: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

On A Personal Note:

My name is Tamara Dabbs. I am in my 26th year as Media Specialist at Cowan Community Schools. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in School Media Services from Ball State University in 1982 and a Master's in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University in 1995. I continue to work toward updating and improving my knowledge in the library with workshops, classes and conferences.

I have two children. My daughter, Katie Clark, a 2003 graduate of Cowan and is currently a Media Specialist at Jay County High School. My son, Robby Craig graduated from Cowan in 2008. He is pursuing an elementary education degree and employed at the Madison County Youth Center.

From the stacks:

I spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the high school each week and Tuesday and Thursday at the elementary. My assistant, Courtney Butler, spends the opposite days at each building.

Our library is involved in many things during the school day. We are responsible in helping to administer Accelerated Reader tests when English teachers aren't available. The media center is open before and after school for students who need to take AR test. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Junior High students and students who need to take an AR test (if the have their pink sheet pre-signed) may get off the bus and come to the library to take their test before school.

The library staff teaches library and research skills to seventh and eighth graders as part of the junior high business class. Seventh graders learn some research skills, vocabulary, and other skills involving using the library. Eighth graders put together a project  about themselves, their future plans and their families. The Media Center also provide a meeting place for National Honor Society and Key Club as well as other school organizations on occasion.

NEW THIS YEAR! Students will NOT be required to pay library fines beginning this year. They will be responsible for keeping books returned in a timely manner if they choose to borrow books from the library.

We would also like to thank the National Honor Society students who volunteer at the elementary Book Fair each fall. They assist "Clifford the big red dog" in his efforts to visit children during book fair.

A few of my favorite quotes:
"If librarians were in charge of the world reading would be a varsity sport."

"What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us.
The greatest university of all is a collection of books." --Thomas Carlyle

Some sites to check out:
Cowan.follettdestiny.com  This website allows students to access our library database from home.
www.arbookfind.com Students may search for AR books from home.