May Homework

1. Please use the Kids A-Z app to read with your child each night. Their credentials can be found on the card I passed out.   PLEASE DO NOT READ FROM THE READING GROUP NAMES. Choose Level Up and your child will have books that are on their reading level. Once your child starts reading Level A books and higher, there will be a quiz for them to take. If your child is reading on the AA level, just draw an x or put N/A on the quiz question box below. Please practice your child’s sight word flashcards every night at home. They can be found in their book pockets.  IF WE MISS A DAY OF SCHOOL, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR READING THAT DAY. Let me know if you have any questions! 2. Please practice sight words every night using your flash cards as well. April Sight words: out, only, know, why, any, as, their, under, please, thank, when, were, think, after, close, open

March Words: could, away, five, seven, eight, over, zero, help February Words: walk, one, went, some, four, how, many, down, three, where, find, nine January Words: six, new, your, show, ten, say, them, very, because, every, ask, two

3. Practice any additional flash cards from ESGI testing found in your child's homework pocket.