2nd Nine Weeks Homework (October- December) Your child will need to read for 15 minutes every night and log it on the reading log. Throughout the nine weeks, different flashcards might be placed in your child's homework pocket based on needs seen during testing. Please complete any additional work ever seen in the homework pocket. Below is information on reading homework. READING HOMEWORK

The reading log is to stay in their homework pocket. You will take it out to log their reading each night and then put it back in their homework pocket so I can check it the next day. They will receive a dojo point each day for reading the night before. The reading log is pictured below. The first box says step #. 1 step = 15 minutes of reading. Each night, your child is to read for 15 minutes. Monday night, you will write the number 1 for the step #. It is their first 15 minute block of reading. Tuesday night, the step number will be "2". It is their second block of reading time. The next box is to write down 1 title of a book they read. They will read more than 1 book in a 15 minute time frame but you only need to record 1 book title. The next box says level. If it is a paper book, the colored sticker on the binding will be the level (yellow, green, etc.) On Raz kids (later in the newsletter I will explain all of this) it will be a letter level (AA, A, B, etc.). Whichever book you write down on the log, write down the level of that book in the next box. Write the date, and then your signature or initial. Since you read at home or homework, place a check in the "home" box to show this was done outside of school. Your child has already grown as a reader in the short time we have been in school. Reading at home every night for 15 minutes will drastically help them become better readers throughout this school year.

Reading Homework Help

How do I help my child with their reading homework? This is a common question. Right now many are reading pictures if they do not have an adult with them to help. This is the first step of reading. They are describing what they see and what is happening in the pictures. This is great if they don't have an adult. The books we are reading right now are pattern books. Each page has the same sentence with just 1 word changing. They can figure out the changed word by using the picture. If you read the first page or two to your child, they can hear the pattern and should be able to read the rest of the book by remembering the pattern and using their pictures to figure out the word that changed. This is the second stage of reading. When they master this, we move to work on that 1 to 1 correspondence to be able to point to each word as they are reading and remembering the pattern. If you could read that first page to them of each book so they know the pattern that is a huge help at this stage! :)

Raz Kids

We are going to start using the reading a-z app for our reading homework. The students will read for 15 minutes every night from their “level-up ship” to you. These are books at independent reading level, which is easier than what they will be reading with me. I want them to feel confident, independent, and work on fluency with this story. They will need to take the comprehension quiz (if there is one available) after they are done reading the story to you. Some of the lower levels do not have comprehension quizzes so just skip this step. Please don’t have them listen to the story before reading because they need the practice reading it fresh.

Steps to get started:


Step 1: Go to www.kidsa-z.com or download the kids a-z app.


Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher's username - ccrabtree10


Step 3: Your child finds his or her name on the class chart.


Step 4: Your child enters his or her password. Those passwords are on the cards provided in your child's homework pocket.


Step 5: The students will choose “level up.” These are books at their independent level.


Step 6: Please choose a book that interests them and choose the “open book” icon under the picture of the book (the blue square). Once they are finished reading they need to take the quiz (question mark) to test their reading comprehension if there is a quiz.


Step 7: Fill out the reading log.


Thank you for all your hard work. If you have concerns or need help getting your device set-up just let me know. Below are pictures to help you with each step if needed.