Daily Announcements

Daily Bulletin - Friday, September 25, 2020

NHS PRODUCT DRIVE The National Honor Society will be holding a Hygiene Product Drive from Monday, September 28 to October 8 to benefit local families! All hygiene products (toilet paper, feminine products, toothbrushes) are welcome, and your teachers have a recommended list. Bring items to your first period class, and the class who brings the most wins a prize!

COLLEGE GO WEEK! - COLLEGE GEAR DAY!! Trivia Name that Teacher: The Student Services office will take guesses until the end of C Lunch. The winner AND the best dressed for today's theme, will be announced 7th period and will get a prize!!!! Here are your clues: 1. I went to Ball State University. 2. I was an RA in Woodworth complex. I played intramural softball. 3. I became part of the ¨Be the Match” bone marrow registry. I actually was a match nearly 14 years later to a person in California. I donated my stem cells to help her fight multiple myeloma. Buzz Words: Tuition Definition: A sum of money charged for teaching or instruction by a school, college, or university.

FIELDS OF FAITH INFO The 12th annual Fields of Faith WILL take place this year at Shawnee Heights Church!!! Fields of Faith will be outside on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 7 pm @ the Shawnee Heights campus. COVID regulations will be observed. Cowan's own Cam Miller and Perrin Belcher are in the FCA band and will help lead the worship part of FOF.

TODAY'S ACTIVITIES NHS Meeting in Room 15 - 3 to 4pm.

SATURDAY'S ACTIVITIES V/JV VB Class "A" Show @ BRV - 9am * JHXX @ Wabash Invite (City Park) - 10am.