Kindergarten News

Mrs. Chester’s Class

Monday, August 17th, 2020

It was a great first week in our classroom!  The children are doing well learning our routines.  We have a big week of learning in front of us this week as we start our reading and math curriculum.  Each week in our newsletter, I will give you an overview of what we will be learning.  This can help you as you ask your child about their school day.  You can ask them specific questions about our learning!

Math: * We will be focusing on same/different, grouping items by similarities and 

differences, sorting by different attributes such as color, shape and size.  

Reading: * We will be learning the names, sounds, and how to write the following 

Letters this week:  Aa, Tt, Bb, Ll, Ff

Social Learning* Each week we add one commitment to our classroom family goals.  Last week, 

we practiced “Keeping it safe” in our classroom.  This week, we will add having 

calm bodies to our classroom practice. We are learning how to use breathing to 

calm ourselves and to help us stay safe.

Homework: * Homework will start this week.  Please look inside your child’s BEE binder.

It is important that your child practice the letters we are covering this week.  

If your child falls behind on letter learning, it can be difficult to catch up.

Testing: * I will test your child each week on covered material using a computer program 

called ESGI.  If your child struggles with a concept, we have small group time

 each morning where we try to focus on specific areas of needed growth for 

each child.  You might also get homework that is specific to your child’s needs.

***Always check that BEE binder!

Remind: * You really want to make sure you are signed up for the Remind messaging 

system for our classroom.  The information about that is still in the BEE 

binder.  You can message me easily through Remind. I will send announcements through Remind as well.

***NWEA testing will take place on Monday and Tuesday morning this week in the computer lab! Make sure your child is rested so he/she can do their best!!  NWEA is a test that will help us to understand exactly where your child is academically so we can set up our learning in a targeted way!  

Here’s a link to a fantastic song that we use in our classroom as we work on letters/sounds.