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Pledge of Allegiance (There was no pledge since it was a digital meeting and no flag was available.)

Adoption of Agenda

The agenda of the April 1, 2020 board meeting was approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Board meeting of March 18, 2020 was approved as presented.


Superintendent – Mr. Timothy Brown

1. Mr. Brown gave the Board an update on the COVID-19 situation. We are all in this together and everyday it is something new.  Currently the school is closed through Friday, May 1st.  We have seven eLearning days scheduled that begin every Wednesday.  With our first eLearning day, roughly 86% of the elementary students completed their work.  At the junior/senior high school, approximately 80% of the students completed all of their work; 10% of the students completed some of the work, and 10% of the students have not responded with any work completed.  Later on in the agenda is an updated resolution to continue paying hourly employees while the school is closed.  The updated resolution recommends that an end date of Friday, March 27th for the extra-pay incentive of two times their hourly rate for hours worked.  The resolution still recommends continuing to pay the hourly employees their regular rate while school is closed.  Mr. Bloom and Mr. Groves have postponed the prom, Mr. Vegh has opened up a Wi-Fi connection for outside the buildings so that parents/students can park or sit outside and connect to the internet if necessary.  We distributed 2,750 meals today with the food distribution.  (275 students with five breakfasts and five lunches.) A total of 5,730 meals have been distributed in the last three weeks.  The cafeteria workers along with Clara Lopez’s leadership have been such a positive for the students and parents.  We have had great team work during this stressful time.  The teachers are doing a great job reaching out to parents and students during this time as well.

2. Mr. Brown let the Board know that we are almost finished with the high school cafeteria project.  Training on the motion lights in the cafeteria took place this week.  The coping for the roof was completed last week along with the striping of the parking lot.  The only outside work left is the grading and planting of grass seed.  Both of these are planned for next week with a final punch list for the outside taking place on Friday, April 10, 2020.

3. Mr. Brown reminded the Board that later on in the agenda is the second reading and approval of Special Policy Updated on CDL holders.

4. Mr. Brown shared with the Board that the Annual Performance Report was published in the newspaper on Sunday, March 29, 2020.  A link to this report is also on our website.  This is an annual requirement for the school corporation.   

5. Mr. Brown also reminded the Board that later in the agenda is a recommendation to move the approval for kindergarten transfer openings to Wednesday, May 20, 2020, since school is closed.  A lottery, if needed, will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.  This may need to be adjusted again if there are additional changes to the school calendar.             

Opportunity for Public Comments

(No negative comments toward Corporation employees are permitted during the public meeting.  Alleged misconduct by a Corporation employee is to be addressed in an Executive session of the Board following meeting with appropriate members of the Administration.)

Mr. Vince Wright thanked the Board for the opportunity for his family to sit around and watch the board meeting via Zoom.

Business Office Recommendations

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Claim Docket

The claims #18309 to #18338 and the payroll of March 20, 2020 as listed in Appendix #2020 was approved for payment.    

Updated Resolution to Support Hourly Employees during the COVID-19 Closure

The Updated Resolution to Support Hourly Employees during the COVID-19 Closure in Appendix #2021 was approved.



Bruce Qualls was approved to work for approximately 20 hours weekly as Groundskeeper as assigned by the Maintenance Director..

Transfer Students

Approval was given for an updated transfer student procedures for the 2020-21 school year as presented in Appendix #2022.

Policy Updates

Approveal was given for the Special Policy Update on CDL holders as presented in Appendix #2023.

Opportunity for Board Communication:

Mr. Alan Wright thanked Paul Hansard for doing a good job with the unique board meeting with our Zoom connection.

Mr. Vick Conway gave a special thanks to everyone helping with the food distribution. 

Mrs. Angie Johnson thanked Mr. Brown and all of the Cafeteria Workers for their work in getting the food prepared and distributed.  She also thanked Second Harvest for being a part of our food distribution as well.  All of the work with the food distribution is greatly appreciated!!

Mr. Paul Hansard thanked all of the teachers and students for all of the work they are doing with eLearning.  All of the work is greatly appreciated!

Mr. Vick Conway thanked all of the teachers for being very available to the students.

Mrs. Angie Johnson also thanked all of the parents helping their children with eLearning.  It is a community effort to make it work and keep it going for another month. 


The April 1, 2020 regular board meeting be adjourned at 6:49 p.m.


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