Board News


 Pledge of Allegiance

 Adoption of Agenda

The agenda of the November 16, 2022 board meeting was approved as presented.

 Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Board meeting of November 2, 2022 were approved as presented.

 Reports:  Superintendent – Mr. Timothy Brown

1.  Mr. Brown officially welcomed Mrs. Kim Campbell as a new board member and Mr. Paul Hansard as a returning board member to start in 2023.  We are very happy to have you both on the board.              

2.  Mr. Brown let the Board know that the Elementary Spell Bowl finished eighth in the state as they finished their season.  Congratulations to Mrs. Whitehair and Mrs. Lavanchy for this big accomplishment!  Grandparents’ night was last night at the elementary school and was well attended.  After this event, several alumni and retired staff surprised Tammy Dabbs as she is planning to retire January 2, 2023.  Cowan received a $5,000 rapid grant from the Ball Brothers Foundation.  This grant will be used for professional development for teachers and administrators.  We are happy to be the recipient of this grant and glad for the relationship with the Foundation.  Currently, we have one staff opening for an aide for the junior high Special Education room.                    

3.  Mr. Brent Adams, HS Principal, was in attendance and discussed with the Board things he is working on for the high school.  Such things as data driven instruction, diversified course offerings, more community involvement, more student input on issues, increasing standardized test scores and some updates of facilities.                 

4.  Mr. Brown talked to the Board about what information the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (GPS) dashboard is going to provide for the public and school districts.  The official information has now been delayed from the original release date.  Mr. Brown noted that the IDOE has been listening to feedback from school districts and making enhancements before officially releasing the dashboard.  Mr. Brown will show the Board this information once it is available.           

5.  Mr. Brown has set up a calendar committee meeting to discuss the 2023-2024 school calendar on December 7th at 3:15 p.m.  The board members will let Mr. Brown know if they are interested in being part of this committee.                

6.  Professional leave requests approved by the Superintendent as of Monday, November 14, 2022 were presented.


Opportunity for Public Comments

(No negative comments toward Corporation employees are permitted during the public meeting.  Alleged misconduct by a Corporation employee is to be addressed in an Executive session of the Board following meeting with appropriate members of the Administration.)

Abby Hansard was in attendance as a part of her community involvement for a class at Ball State. 

 Business Office Recommendations

 Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Claim Docket

The claims #21987 to #22071 and the payroll of November 10, 2022 as listed in Appendix #2225 were approved for payment.    

 Section 125

The Board adopted the Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan provided by American Fidelity as listed in Appendix #2226.

Athletic Trainer

The Board approved $3,000 to Henry Community Health Sports Medicine for the 2023 calendar year towards the cost of an athletic trainer.



The Board approved Aimee Jones as the Science Academic Team Coach for the 2022-2023 School Year.

 The Board approved Jaren Olds as the Social Studies and Math Academic Team Coaches for the 2022-2023 School Year.

 Opportunity for Board Communication:

Mr. Rick Jones thanked Mr. Brent Adams for coming to the board meeting and for his presentation.  He noted that it is clear that Mr. Adams and Mr. Lacey are enjoying their new roles.  It is good to see Paul and Kim here too!

Mr. Alan Wright asked Mr. Brown about doing a staff Christmas breakfast to show our appreciation to all of the staff here at Cowan.  This is something that we used to do several years ago.  Mr. Brown is going to look into doing this for the staff. 


The November 16, 2022 regular board meeting was adjourned at 6:52 p.m.




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