Board News



Pledge of Allegiance


Adoption of Agenda

The January 16, 2019 board meeting was approved as presented.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Board meeting of January 2, 2019 were approved as presented.



Superintendent – Mr. Dennis Chambers

  1. Mr. Chambers reviewed the school calendar that is the recommendation for the 2019-2020 school year.  This calendar is up for approval later on in the agenda.      

  2. Mr. Chambers gave the Board an update on the HS cafeteria expansion project.  A timetable and floor plans, both inside and out, were presented.  The board will likely be asked to approve the advertisement of bids during the February 20th board meeting.

  3. Mr. Chambers reminded the Board that they would get their picture taken for the yearbook and website right after the public meeting. 

  4. Mr. Chambers informed the Board about Claim Aid, a company who handles Medicaid reimbursement.  On the federal level, there is money available for reimbursement for special education services that we provide students who are on Medicaid.  Claim Aid will handle the administrative tasks for Cowan and charge us a 10% management fee.  The will help defend Cowan’s paperwork in the event of an audit.  Parents of Medicaid students will need to sign a permission form to allow Cowan to apply for this extra funding.   

  5. Mr. Chambers presented the ECA receipts and expenditures for period July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, to the Board as per our board policy.   

  6. Professional Leave Requests approved by the Superintendent as of January 14, 2019 were presented.  


    Opportunity for Public Comments

    (No negative comments toward Corporation employees are permitted during the public meeting.  Alleged misconduct by a Corporation employee is to be addressed in an Executive session of the Board following meeting with appropriate members of the Administration.)

    Jake Turley let the board members know that the PTO voted to again sponsor a carnival in April.  The PTO will also be providing, at a cost to parents, school boxes of supplies that are required for each grade level.



Business Office Recommendations

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Claim Docket

The claims #16364 to #16414 and the payroll of January 11, 2019 as listed in Appendices #1923 were approved for payment.    


Transfer of Funds Resolution

The Board approved the Transfer of Funds Resolution as found in Appendix #1924.


Section 125

The Board adopted the Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan provided by American Fidelity, as per Appendix #1925.



The Board approved a donation of classroom supplies from Donors Choice for Sarah Hill and Shelby Boles as found in Appendix #1926.





The Board approved the retirement of Margie Enochs at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year.



The Board approved NWEA teachers for up to 3 hours each for score interpretation at $25 per hour for the Formative Assessment Grant as assigned by the building principals.


The Board approved Kent Hanser to return as Head Girls/Boys Track Coach.


Calendar Approval

The Board approved the 2019-2020 school calendar as presented in Appendix #1927.


Opportunity for Board Communication:

Mr. Alan Wright had questions on how the insurance clinics worked.



The January 16, 2019 regular board meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.



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