VOIP Phones

Click HERE for an updated Directory of the new VOIP Phone Extensions

After Spring Break of 2018, staff will be returning to a new VOIP (Voice over IP) phone system.

Extension numbers will be changing slightly because the new system will allow allow for 4 digit extension numbers.

Most extensions will simply add a zero to the end.

300 becomes 3000
301 becomes 3010

Phones will be physically connected to the teacher computer in each room so the phones will need to be located on a flat space near the computer.

Information regarding the new phones will be posted on this page as needed.

The phones will be pretty simply so little training will be needed.  Information will be coming from building principals.

User guides will be available below.

Click HERE to learn about a Classroom Phone (Model 311).

Click HERE to learn about an Office Phone (Model 411).