Cowan Community Schools eLearning and Extended Virtual Learning Plans 2021-22

During the 2021-22 school year, Cowan Community Schools may need to implement different learning opportunities outside of our regular in-person instruction.  There are two main virtual learning opportunities that we may use. 

1. eLearning Days
eLearning days will be used when school has to be closed for an unanticipated weather event, power outage, water issue, or otherwise temporary unplanned issue.  During the 21-22 school year the district will use same day eLearning days.  This means if a weather issue develops, the eLearning day will be scheduled for the same day.

eLearning materials will be posted in Google Classroom for students no later than 10:00am.  Student work will be due by 11:59pm the following business day.

eLearning Parent FAQ

2. Extended Virtual Learning Days
Extended virtual learning days will be used when the district must temporarily close due to the number of positive COVID-19 cases and potential contact tracing.  Virtual learning days will likely be longer than a single day and may last a week or longer.

Extended virtual learning materials will be posted in Google Classroom for students no later than 10:00am on the first extended virtual learning day and no later than 8:00am on any consecutive days that follow.  Student work will be due by 8:00am the following business day.     

Extended Virtual Learning Parent FAQ

Please feel free to email any questions to Timothy Brown, Superintendent [email protected].

2021-22 Handbook for Students and Parents 

Getting Started with Google Classroom for eLearning Days
The link above contains a short tutorial on how to access Google Classroom for Cowan's eLearning materials.