Board News


Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of Agenda

The agenda of the March 18, 2020 board meeting was approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Board meeting of March 4, 2020 were approved as presented.

Reports:  Superintendent – Mr. Timothy Brown

1.  Mr. Brown gave the Board an update on the COVID-19 situation.Mr. Brown has been in regular communication with parents and staff on this situation.Currently the school is closed through Friday, April 3rd with one eLearning day taking place each week.The custodians have done a thorough cleaning of all classrooms and common areas at the elementary and high school through today.At this moment, no Cowan employees are working other than in central office.Our first food distribution was completed today.We distributed 980 breakfast and/or lunch meals today.We are anticipating another food distribution next week.Later in the agenda is a recommended resolution for approval to take care of our hourly employees for the pay they are missing while school is closed for COVID-19.For now, we will plan to have regular board meetings, but Mr. Brown shared that we have received guidance that a virtual option is approved if necessary.

2.  Mr. Brown provided an update on the high school cafeteria project.All work inside the cafeteria has been completed.The outside work, coping for the roof and some outdoor grading and striping the parking lot will depend upon the weather in order to be completed.The Board will take a tour of the cafeteria after the Board meeting to see the update on the painting.

3.  Mr. Brown shared with the Board the following facility updates:the regular maintenance/inspection for inside/outside bleachers and all basketball goals have been checked and tightened (this included the addition of new safety straps in the main gym at the high school); the basketball goals in the elementary cafeteria have been removed; the sound system in the high school gym has been updated and seems to be working better, the athletic exercise equipment in the auxiliary gym has been repaired and is in good working order; purchase orders have been issued for three new exterior lights outside the high school gym and main office area and for concrete repairs at both the elementary and high school.The concrete repairs will be paid for out of the Rainy Day Fund.

4.  Mr. Brown let the Board know that the band directors at Cowan and Daleville are proposing to have a combined marching band for students to participate in during the summer of 2020.Mr. Brown and Mr. Garrison, Superintendent at Daleville, will be working out any logistics for transportation, equipment, and fees.Approval for this request will be later in the agenda.

5.  Mr. Brown had the first reading of a special policy update for CDL holders.

6.  Mr. Brown informed the Board that kindergarten enrollment for 20-21 has been postponed until we know when we will be officially returning back to school.Letters have been sent to parents sharing this information who had signed up.

7.  Professional leave forms approved by the superintendent as of Friday, March 13, 2020, were presented.


Opportunity for Public Comments

(No negative comments toward Corporation employees are permitted during the public meeting.  Alleged misconduct by a Corporation employee is to be addressed in an Executive session of the Board following meeting with appropriate members of the Administration.)

Mrs. Chelsie King and Mrs. Katrina Gibson were in attendance.  Both teachers commented about how the time away from school will affect students just as the students were making such good progress.  Both teachers hate to see the progress be lost because we are out of school, but they understand why it is necessary.

Business Office Recommendations

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Claim Docket

The claims #18235 to #18308 and the payroll of March 6, 2020 as listed in Appendix #2015 were approved for payment.    

Resolution to Support Hourly Employees during the COVID-19 Closure
The Resolution to Support Hourly Employees during the COVID-19 Closure in Appendix #2019 was approved.

The supply distribution of goods donated from the Back to School Teachers Store of $36,279.35 for 2019 as documented in Appendix #2016 was approved. 

Summer Marching Band
A unified Summer Marching Band co-directed program between Cowan Community Schools and Daleville Community Schools for the 2020 summer season was approved. 

Textbook Adoption
Approval was given to use SAM 365 and 2019 Assessments, Training, and Projects – Digital Apps and Responsbility beginning next school year as presented in Appendix #2017.

Approval was given to use Autentico Level 1, 2, and 3 for Spanish courses beginning next school year as presented in Appendix #2018.


Opportunity for Board Communication:

Mr. Mike Van Horn thanked Mr. Brown for finding a way to pay the hourly employees of the corporation during the school closing for the COVID-19.

Mr. Vick Conway thanked our food service department for the food preparation and food distribution for the students today.  We had several people who volunteered to help with the distribution.  Mr. Conway asked about the status for spring sports but at this time we don’t know what will be the outcome of the spring sports season.

Mr. Alan Wright congratulated the Varsity Boys’ Basketball team on their sectional win!!

Mrs. Angie Johnson commented that some students are seeing this as a social time and don’t understand the health concerns. 


The March 18, 2020 regular board meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.


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