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Your child's homework will always be found inside their BEE Binder in the homework pocket. 

Below are the links to the homework that should be inside of your child's homework pocket.

Homework should take no more than 15-20 minutes. This is meant to just be a quick review each night.

Power Word Homework:Click HERE for sight word homework.

Phonics Homework: Click HERE for phonics homework.

Reading Homework: Click HERE for reading homework.


We will be learning sight words this year. Each week we will be focusing on learning certain sight words. Please practice each weeks' sight words every night with your child. This should not take long. I will test the week's words at the end of the week and mark off the words they know. Continue practicing any unknown words (words not marked off) each week as well as the new words for the week.

This will be a quick review of a letter, combinations of letters, and what sound the letter(s) make. Continuing to practice letters and sounds and making them instantaneous knowledge makes reading and writing more fluent, fun, and a lot easier!

The reading homework will transition from a parent or family member reading a story to the student to your child reading a story to you and practicing the skills they are learning in class. There will be a reading log each month to record 1 book being read each night.