Educational Services

Cassie Weaver
Jr. / Sr. High School
(765)-289-7128 Ext. #3400
[email protected]

Carleen Baldwin

Jr. / Sr. High School
(765)-289-7128 Ext. #3010
[email protected]
Educational Services helps students achieve better in their school studies. This program informs parents about programs to help students learn.  Services are provided in cooperation with the classroom teacher and other specially trained staff.

Overall Goal: 

Educational Services overall goal is to assist students in discovering strategies that will enable them to be successful in the general education classrooms, higher education and the workforce.


  • Assist students in discovering their learning style
  • Teach students self advocacy skills
  • Learn how to ask questions
  • Understand how their Individual Education Plan (IEP) works
  • Improve communication between
    • Student and teacher
    • Student and administrators
    • Student and parent
    • Student and peers
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Get students involved in:
    • General education classes
    • School activities
    • Sports
    • Community activities

Web sites for students: 

http://www.browsealoud.com - Internet reader  
http://www.bibliomania.com - Internet books

Sites for Parents/Guardians: 

http://www.ncld.org - No Child Left Behind
http://PATINSproject.com - Promoting Achievement Through Technology and Instruction for all Students

Additional information:

  • Look on the back of your text books for internet sites related to the subject area
  • Use your Math CD at home
  • Books on tape and CD are located in the library for you to check out
  • English Literature CD's are available from Education Services
  • Student Plan for success:
      • Take my text book to class everyday
      • Fill out my agenda book in each class
      • Put my book in my book bag after each class when homework is assigned
      • Use my study hall wisely if I have one
      • Take my books home every night
      • Take my agenda book home every night
      • Do all my homework (show all my steps in Math)
      • Turn in all my homework