Health Insurance

Health insurance is available for many of the Cowan Employees.  Cowan is a member of the East Central Insurance Trust.  Timothy Brown and Krista Cloud-Johnson serve as trustees representing Cowan.

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You will need to enter "ecist" as the username and "benefits" as the password.

New Incentive Program - Vitals Smart Shopper
The trust is offering a new Financial Incentive Program.  Many services vary greatly in cost and in customer satisfaction.  The convenient choice is not always the most affordability or the best success.  Prior to undergoing a major procedure, explore your options with Vitals SmartShopper.  You may be able to save our trust money to keep future premiums lower, save you money in deductibles and/or copays, and GET MONEY BACK by sharing some of the savings to the trust.  Use the link below for more information.

Vitals SmartShopper Flyer

Anthem Links
Click the links below to open flyers with information about ANTHEM.

Machine Readable Files (Transparency in Coverage Requirements)
The EIN is our employer/plan/trust Tax ID number.

Anthem LiveHealthOnline - A $49 mobile option to meet with a Doctor or Psychologist.

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