Week of Jan 21

Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: 2 hour delay - Test over 3.1/3.12 postponed
Wednesday: Test over 3.1/3.12


Week of Jan 14

Monday: 2 hour delay, assignment: 3.7/3.9 questions
Tuesday: Check 3.7/3.9, Amoeba sisters "Osmosis"
Wednesday: 2 hour delay - Prepare Science Buddies "Mirror Magic"
Thursday: Complete Science Buddies prep, assignment: 3.10/3.12 questions

Friday: Check 3.10/3.12, youtube "Active Transport", Review for test, 3/1.3.12 Test on Tuesday

Week of Jan 7

Monday: Kahoots - Cell organelles, plan cell cookie model, Assignment: 3.1/3.3 questions
Tuesday: Check 3.1/3.3 Questions, Youtube "Secret Life of Cells"
Wednesday: Amoeba sisters "Plasma Membrane", Assignment: 3.4/3.6 questions
Thursday: Check 3.4/3.6 questions, YouTube "Cystic Fibrosis"

Friday: Cell cookie model assembly day