Week of Jan 21

Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: 2 hour delay - complete 7.4 Journal entries (205-207), Journal check 7.3/7.4 postponed to Thursday
Wednesday: Substitute - MythBusters 


Week of Jan 14

Monday: 2 hour Delay, Cell Model Project Workday 
Tuesday: Cell Model Project Workday
Wednesday: 2 hour delay - Cell Models due at 10:10 AM, Present Cells (volunteers), Youtube - Crash course - Animal cells/plant cells
Thursday: 7.4 Journal entries (201-203)

Friday: Youtube "Iso/Hypo/Hypertonic", 7.4 Journal entries (204-207), Journal check on Tuesday

Week of Jan 7

Monday:  7.3 Journal entries (191-200), Cell Model Project guidelines
Tuesday: Review Cell model project guidelines, decide on workdays, complete 7.3 journal entries, YouTube "The Secret Life of Cells"- Part 2 
Wednesday: Kahoots - Cell Organelles, 7.4 Vocab pg 201 (10 vocab) in journal, Cell Model Project workdays begin on Thursday
Thursday: Cell Model Project Workday (5pts)

Friday: Cell Model Project Workday (5 pts)