February 19, 2019



Tuesday: Compare Fractions HW p 617-618

Wednesday:  Review HW p 621-622

Thursday:  Am I ready NO HOMEWORK

Friday:  Hand On Estimate and Measure Capacity HW p 637


Spelling: We are keeping the same list this week.

plants  batteries  valleys  coaches   babies                     countries bakeries  movies  highways  trays               boxes  cherries matches  glasses  beaches         chimneys         bridge  arrange courage  tomatoes




Tuesday—Choo Choo Words: Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word (like a train.) Use a different colored pencil for each word. 

Wednesday—TEST Study the words you missed

Thursday—Rainbow Words

Dear Parents,


             Tomorrow is my last day until after Spring Break. Miss Mills will take over my classroom until then. Miss Mills was in Mrs. Montgomery’s room at the beginning of the year and she has also been in Mrs. Wright’s room. She knows Cowan’s structure and how third grade works. I feel confident in leaving her in charge of my classroom until I return. If you need to reach her, here is her email: wmills@cowan.k12.in.us. Miss Mills will continue this parent letter and she and I will work together to give your child the best education we can.

Just a favor, please remind your children to put their best foot forward and to work hard. Testing is coming up soon and I really need them to be prepared. Some students are not putting forth their best effort in class. With your support, I know they can get back on track and be ready to rock the testing. 

Some students are not taking AR tests and reading outside of school. Please make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes a night. Thanks



AR: I am happy to announce the Lunch Club Students from last nine weeks:   Way to go DOMINIC BALDERAMMA



Please only sign the chart ONLY ON the week your child brings the chart home. I want to make sure you see the chart each week. Thank you.


Educational Web Sites: (new sites)


http://www. Henryanker.com/3rd_activities.html





http://www.adaptedmindmath.com      NEW







App: frontrow

http://typing agent.com

******www.http/Mr Nussbaum.com



February 22 Dr. Rosenthal comes for a visit

February 22 Father/Daughter Dance 7-9 pm

February 28 Fresh Produce Night


Glenda Scales


Charlie’s Reading Challenge:


In order to receive 2 tickets to a BSU Basketball game, each child needs to read and pass 4AR Tests on books at their  reading level. Some students read books over the weeks and have a great start on the challenge.