October 6, 2020

Dear Parents,


                 It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the nine weeks. The first quarter is in the books and next week in Fall Break. I hope everyone has an amazing week.  I am so glad that we are staying in school.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

I want to thank the people that have signed up.  I sent emails out to everyone through Signup Genius. If you didn’t get it or haven’t had time, please sign-up. If you didn’t receive the email and just want to schedule a time, please write don’t weather you want to talk on Thursday evening or Friday morning  All the conferences will be on the phone.

Thank you

I am sorry that I didn’t get this sent out yesterday. I was not at school.  I want to say thank you to the following students: Tyleigh, Heath, Jackson, Maylee, J’Lyn, Layne, Sydney. They were amazing for the Substitutes. I am really proud of them. 


Math Homework:

We are continuing Multiplication and adding in division. Knowing multiplication facts, helps students with division. It would help if the students would study multiplication cards or practiced skip counting to our Multiplication Rap for 5-10 minutes a night.

Monday: Multiply with Arrays : HW p 209-210

Tuesday: Use Multiplication to find Combinations HW p 229-240

Wednesday: Hands On: Model Division HW p 249-250

Thursday: Division as Equal Sharing  HW p 255-256

Friday: No School


To practice the Math Raps: Go to youtube.com search for Mrs. Davidson’s Multiplication Raps







Tuesday Write






Social Studies: We are studying maps and the United States Regions


Science– What All Living Things Need




AR: I am happy to announce the Lunch Club Students from last nine weeks:


Starting the Monday after break. All students will need to read for AR points. All students have a goal of 15 points. I know if the kids put their minds to it, the can do it. I will take a reading grade on the points they receive.


Educational Web Sites: (new sites)


http://www. Henryanker.com/3rd_activities.html





http://www.adaptedmindmath.com      NEW







App: frontrow


http:// PBSkids.org

******www.http/Mr Nussbaum.com






Have a great week.


Mrs. Scales


http://typing agent.com

The children have asked me to let you know that typingagent.com is up are ready to go. They are able to practice at home




Halloween Party:


The Halloween Parties are going to look different this year. This year, the kids do not need to bring a costume. We are not dressing-up or having the Halloween Parade.

The other change is: Parents can still send in store packaged treats, but no homemade foods, please.

Mr. Schwartz is going to make the day a special dress day, I just don’t know what yet.


Thank you to everyone who is sending in treats.



Have a great Fall Break———It is Fall Y’all