eLearning for May:

Please email (dlove@cowan.k12.in.us) me with information about your child's packets or any questions that you have about eLearning. You can state they completed a certain packet (give the date) or send a picture of the assignment page with your initials for completion. (the date would be very helpful, too) Please update me as they complete the packet or the work for that date.  Prior packets were dated: March 16, and 30. April 6, 13, 20, and 27. The last packet is for May 4, 11, and 18. 

A big thanks to the parents that have emailed me and I've marked their work as completed. Students not completing their packets will be counted as absent. Each packet will count points towards a final grade for eLearning. Thank you for "teaching" your child at home. We'd all like to be at school! Please tell your child that I'm thinking of them and am sending a big hug their way. Stay safe!

                         Information &
eLearning for the weeks of April 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2020

PLEASE SIGN YOUR CHILD'S PLANNER & Reading Record          ****OOPS! letter also to be signed & returned on Monday.  There's a note on the Week's Work if your child has a letter.

Please help your child get their glasses to school.

They need a water bottle for school, chap stick,and a jacket.


This information is the same as what we write in our Planners 

Spelling - First, middle, & last names on the test.  2 lists were sent home:

Sight words:  because, many friend, want, people, house, know, they, there, said, special, favorite, very, where, every, would, should, our, their, really, does, again, about, made, together

Math addition and subtraction facts will be a big focus in their math instruction.  Please help your child by practicing at home.  Thanks!


Oops Letters are due on Mondays.

Please sign & return the 3rd 9 weeks Report Card form.  Thanks!

We are working on counting money & giving change. We organize our coins from the highest value to the lowest. Please practice this life skill with your child.

Please know that allowances will be made for students having issues with the eLearning packets. I ask that you reassure them about this and not to stress out about "problems" in completing their work. Thanks!

Students had one eLearning packet at home that was due on March 18.
Students were given 2 more packets and a letter with more ideas to support their learning. Two spelling lists were also sent and I've listed the words above in the Spelling section. 

ABCya is a great resource that has learning activities covering all of our subjects. Please help them to choose a wide variety and also encourage them to do some writing with pencil & paper.  Writing complete sentences, paragraphs, stories, etc., will help them keep in practice of this vital skill.

A reading book was also sent home for them to read and respond in writing to the activities.  They need to write in complete sentences (6-7 words) and use the correct punctuation and capitalization.

Please tell your child that I miss them!  I wish that we were together. I'm proud of them for learning at home while we are away from each other. We've missed our special times together like birthday celebrations and finishing up our animal research project.  Hopefully we will be able to get back together and finish our year!

Any questions or concerns that you have please email me. Tell the kids that I said, "Hi, keep the positive attitude, work hard at home, try your best with family & schoolwork, and take care!"

Below you will find the information about the four packets that you picked up at school. In addition to these they can log on to Scholastic News, Prodigy, Into Reading, Kids A-Z, and Typing Agent. Their log on's are in their binders.

Each assignment under the Subjects are one for each week of the eLearning packets.

Grammar:   Activity Instructions
Daily Language Complete the phonics & grammar skills sheet.
  April #1 Use neat handwriting.
  April #2
  April #3
  April #4

Spelling Vowel Scramble Instructions Long A Unscramble the words.
Long E
Long I
Long O

Reading Spring Passages Instructions
Frogs/Kiss a Frog Read the fiction & nonfiction passages
Plants/The Garden and complete the questions.  Be sure to
Earth Day/A Helping Hand write a complete sentence or two for the
Trees/The Treehouse written response.

Writing Writing Prompts Instructions
Windy Day Complete the writing prompts with a strong 
Garden Prompt second grade paragraph including a topic 
Earth Day sentence with three details, and a conclusion
Laughter sentence plus capitalization & punctuation.

Math 3 digit + & - review Instructions
Frog Complete the add/subt worksheets in the
Butterfly packets. Try to check your subtraction by using
Rabbit addition. Also change the worksheets for  
Chicks using the symbols for money!

Daily Math Review Instructions April #1 Complete the worksheets.
April #2
April #3
April #4

 Read 20 minutes everyday.
  Week's Work sent home, new spelling list, and a note if your child did not earn Friday's Center Time.The reward letter needs to be signed and returned on Monday.