Class Policies

Important Classroom Information and Policies

All policies can also be found in the CES Student Handbook. 

Important Policies:

Late Work Penalty:
 In an effort to prepare our students for the increased level of responsibility required by 6th grade and middle/high school, it is a grade level-wide policy to promote timeliness and responsibility in turning in homework assignments. Students have one "freebie" late assignment per class per quarter. Then:
Quarter 1 = -10%
Quarter 2 = -20%
Quarter 3 = -30%
Quarter 4 = -40%

It is my personal policy to never overload my students with undue amounts of nightly homework. Most required work will be done in class; any work not completed during class time is due the following day as homework.
Nightly reading time is the only consistent homework I will give; all 5th grade students are expected to be reading 15-20 minutes at home every night