Homework for Business

Homework for Business and Social Studies

Second Semester Class Agenda

Week of January 14-18

January 14

        History 8--Section 1 of Chapter 9 Notes and turn in Study Guide for Chapter 9 Section 1
         Personal Finance--To Room 8 today to print Career Reports

January 15
         History 8--Chapter 9 Section 1
                             Complete Note Packet Handout
          Personal Finance--Read chapter 3 and complete pages 19-20 in workbook

January 16

           History 8--Research about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
            Personal Finance--Chapter 3 Notes

January 17

            History 8---Chapter 9 Section 2 Study Guide
            Personal Finance--Chapter 3 Notes

January 18

             History 8--Chapter 9 Section 3 Notes, Work on Hamilton and Jefferson compare and contrast
                                paper which should be at least 250 words.
              Personal Finance--Notes Chapter 3 and page 28 in workbook

January 7-11

January 7

        History 8--Section 1 Chapter 8 Notes, Read Chapter 8
         Personal Finance--Hand out books and Syllabus

January 8

         History 8--Section 2 Chapter 8 Notes, Read Chapter 8
          Personal Finance--Career Discussion, Holland Code Personality Test

January 9

         History 8--Review for Quiz over U.S. Constitution from Chapter 8, Study Notes
          Personal Finance--Career Research Project. Handout has been given for the project.

January 10

         History 8--Quiz over Chapter 8 and Constitution, Begin Chapter 9
          Personal Finance--Career Research Project