New Teacher Email Training

The transition to GMAIL is now complete.

Please go to Google.com for all future logins.

Login with the same username as your old email.  Use the password that you made when you first used Google.

SPAM - Spam is treated differently with Google.  You will NOT be getting a daily SPAM report anymore.  All of your suspected SPAM will go into a spam folder on the left side of your gmail account.  You should check every day or two for messages that are not spam.  Delete the messages that you agree are spam to keep this Folder/Label empty.  SPAM will automatically be deleted if you do not act on it within 30 days.

CONVERSATION VIEW - Gmail defaults by showing your messages grouped together as a conversation.  This style is very different than yoy may be used to seeing.  You can turn off CONVERSATION VIEW to make each email a separate entry in the Inbox like you are used to seeing.  Go to the Gear shape in the top right corner and hit the down arrow next it it.  Choose SETTINGS.  Part way down the page you will see an option to TURN OFF CONVERSATION VIEW.  After selecting this option, scroll the to bottom of the page to accept the change.

Make Gmail Your Default - When you see an active email link on a website, your mail default tries to open the link.  To open with the new GMAIL, open your Chrome browser and log into your gmail.  At the end of the address bar on the far right you should see 2 overlapping diamonds.  Click the diamonds and allow mail.google.com to become your default.