May 21, 2019


                 Dear Parents,            

           Wow, we are winding down the school year fast!! This is my last parent letter of the year. I want to tell you thank you for trusting me with your child this year. You truly have kind, caring, and sweet children. I have loved teaching them this year.

             I want to thank Mr. Campbell, Mrs. McLaughlin, & Mrs. Norris for volunteering to help with our Field Day. It is not to late to volunteer. Just drop me a note and let me know. If you are helping, you can come to school with your child that morning and we will assign you to a station. The children are really excited.

             Thank you for helping your child with their state report. We are going to start presenting the reports on Wednesday


Math: We are finishing up our book this week. 

Monday: More Solid Figures HW IN35

Tuesday: Review NOW HOMEWORK

Wednesday:  Value of Coins and Bills HW P IN49

Thursday:  Determine Change HW p IN55

Friday:  REVIEW


Spelling: REVIEW





SCIENCE: To end the year with a BANG, the students voted to present a science experiment. I will help the students pick the experiment I will print the experiment and highlight the items your child needs to bring in to share the experiment with his/her classmates. This is one of the big hits. Thank you for your help in getting some of the ingredients that are needed.



AR: I am happy to announce the Lunch Club Students Abby and Dominic




These web sites are good practice for the summer months

Educational Web Sites: (new sites)


http://www. Henryanker.com/3rd_activities.html





http://www.adaptedmindmath.com      NEW







App: frontrow

http://typing agent.com

******www.http/Mr Nussbaum.com




May 24 All School Cook Out

May 28 & 29th Science Experiments

May 30 Field Day

May 30 Last day of school



Glenda Scales


Thank you to all the parents who sent in snacks for Trinity and her family. I am going to deliver the basket tomorrow. If you have any last minute items you want to give, please send them in tomorrow. I am always amazed at the generosity our Cowan families have.