Positive Behavior Rewards

Mrs T
I LOVE celebrating my students' accomplishments! Here are a few ways that positive behavior is recognized in our classroom: 

Class Marble Jar: Whenever the whole class gets a compliment for good behavior from myself or other Cowan staff, the class receives marbles in our jar. When the marbles reach the top, the class gets a reward! I’ve done doughnuts, extra recess, art projects, movies, and many rewards! We’ll come up with some rewards as a class and set our goals together! :-) 

Good Behavior (PBIS) Tickets: Since we don’t do points with our Class Dojo, we do Good Behavior Tickets instead! When students are caught showing positive behavior, they are rewarded with a PBIS ticket (any staff member in the building can give students tickets). About twice per 9 weeks, students can make a trip to the office to cash in tickets for prizes. There’s also an alternative if students don’t want to buy things with their tickets. We have a coupon menu that students can cash in their tickets for non-tangible things, like helping another teacher, reading a book to the class, eating lunch with the teacher or principal, etc. It teaches them to be responsible with their tickets, and a great reward for awesome behavior. ☺ PBIS tickets are earned. They are never taken away. 

Rewards for not pulling any cards for the week:
⭐For each student that does not pull a card for the entire week, they get to have  lunch club in the room with Mrs. T on Friday! We eat lunch in the room, talk, and sometimes watch science videos or funny videos! Students also have the option to opt out of lunch club and choose 5 PBIS tickets instead if they would like. 🙂

⭐ Students will also receive a special shout out on our class Dojo to show their families their awesome behavior!