Accountability Cards

Mrs T

The purpose of using a card system in our classroom is to help teach students responsibility and to be accountable for their actions. Please know that cards are usually pulled after the student has been given a warning first. Focusing on positive behavior and becoming a class family is always my first priority. Here are the ins and outs of using accountability cards in our classroom:
👉 Each student has an envelope in the back of their take-home folder with 4 cards: green, yellow, red, and blue. 👉Students can "pull" a card if (but not limited to): not following one of our class guidelines, chomebook misuse, being unkind to another student, etc. 👉Parents will be able to know if their child has pulled a card bu checking the envelope in the back of their child's take-home folder daily. 👉Student accountability cards are never displayed for other students to see. Students are asked to pull a card privately after communicating with Mrs. Thurston first. 👉A card is pulled after a student has been given a warning first. Students are allowed grace and time to reflect and fix the behavior. However, for severe behavior situations such as harming another student, damaging of school property, etc. can cause a student to skip green and yellow and pull a red or blue card. 👉When a student pulls a red or blue card, it will be recorded and used to determine the student's citizenship grade on report cards at the end of each 9 weeks. 👉I believe in starting each day off with a clean slate. The consequence of pulling a card will carry out the day that the card is pulled. Students will start over with all 4 cards each Monday.

GREEN: This is warning. There is no consequence for pulling a green card.

Logical consequence (meant to redirect and reflect, not punish)

RED: Logical consequence and student fills out an action plan (parent signature)

BLUE: Logical consequence, office referral, and lunch in the office