Homework/Google Classroom
Mrs T

Students are expected to complete the following each night for homework: 

✅Read for at least 20 minutes 
Students can read their A.R. book (1 A.R. test required per 9 weeks), a book they've borrowed from our classroom library, Epic, etc. - just as long as they are reading! 

*A.R. = Accelerated Reader ---> Books that are checked out in the school library that are in that student's reading level range. 

--->Does your child have a pet or a stuffed animal they could read to?
---> A special reading place or nook?
--->A flashlight to read in the dark?
---> A younger sibling learning to read that they can read to? 

These are just some different ideas to make reading FUN! I also hope to help your child find out what they LIKE to read this year. We will explore different genres all year long! 
🙂Mrs T

✅Practice math facts - parent signature daily
In 3rd grade, we really dive right into multiplication and division! I expect students to study their math facts not just to memorize them (because we will learn many, many other strategies to solve problems), but to help them solve math problems mentally and fluently. Multiplication and division go hand in hand with one another, so it is important for 3rd graders to study their multiplication facts! 
✅Vocab. Log due Friday
✅Spelling Choice 3 due Friday 
These assignments are meant for extra practice and to help students create healthy study habits. I encourage them to work on spelling and vocab. just a few minutes each night and to use their time wisely in class during reading workshop stations. Students are given a week (assignment given Mon. and due Fri.) to complete their spelling and vocab. They are learning to manage their time responsibly, and many students like to turn in their spelling and vocab. early in the week! 

Occasionally, students might have something that was not completed in class to finish for homework. We always fill in our homework assignments in our agendas daily. 

Please check your child's agenda and take-home folder daily for assignments! These communication tools will be provided on the first day of school. 🙂