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Students will take a spelling pre-test on Friday. The first 10 words a student misses will be their spelling words for the week. The 10 words will be  highlighted, written in agenda, and placed in the back of your child's take-home folder each Monday. Students will be given the "Spelling Choice 3" assignment on Monday, and the activities are due by Friday morning.  This assignment will be out of 30 points (10 points per activity). 

Spelling choice 3 Menu 

Directions: Choose three activities to practice your spelling words this week. The activities are due by Friday and are 10 points each. Make sure to staple your activities together, write your name, number, and title of the activity at the top of each paper.  J


3x Each:

Write your spelling words 3 times each in your best handwriting.


Rainbow Write:

Write your words 2 times each in different colors.


Vowel Search:

Write your words 2 times each, then find and circle all of the vowels.


Silly Story:

Write a short, silly story using all of your spelling words.


ABC Order:

Write all of your spelling words in ABC order 2 times each.

Add ‘Em Up!

Write your spelling words 1 time each, then add up the total for each word.

Vowels = 5 points

Consonants = 2 points



Type your spelling words 2 times each. Use funky fonts! Print and attach.


Spelling Mural:

Draw a picture and then hide all of your spelling words in it.


Write your spelling words 1 time each, then draw a picture that represents that word.


Back and Forth:

Write your spelling word 1 time normally, then write the word backwards.


Waterfall Words:

*Write 1 time each







Vowel/Consonant Party:

Write your spelling words 1 time each – write the vowels in red and consonants in blue.

Bubbly Words:

Draw each word 1 time each in bubble letters and color them in.

Word Search:

Go to puzzlemaker.com and create a word search. Print and circle your words.


Write each spelling word in a sentence. Underline your word in the sentence.