Classroom Rules

Mrs. Morgan’s Classroom Rules

Classroom Expectations

  1. Students are expected to follow the directions the first time they are given by teacher.

  2. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings and remain in the seat unless instructed otherwise.

  3. Students are expected to bring their assigned text, writing utensil, paper and assignments to class daily.

  4. Students are expected to complete all assignments for this class.  

  5. Students are expected to listen while the teacher or designated speaker is talking.  Disruptive talking and/or behaviors will not be tolerated.

  6. Students are expected to be respectful of everyone’s property, feelings and ideas.

  7. Students are expected to follow all rules as set forth in the Cowan Junior-Senior High School handbook.

Possible Consequences

First offense-------- verbal or non-verbal warning

Second offense----- parent contact, hold after class without a tardy pass

Third offense ------ parent contact, referral to administration

**Severe offenses warrant immediate referral to administration.

Grading Scale

Grades are based on the percentage of points students receive to the total number of points available throughout the grading period.  Letter grades will be determined according to the policy adopted by Cowan Junior-Senior High School.  

Tests are always graded as a percentage of the total points earned out of the total number of points possible.

Missing Assignments

Students are responsible for obtaining missing assignments after an absence. Credit for missing assignments will follow the policy adopted by Cowan Junior-Senior High School.  There is a possibility full credit will not be awarded if the work is turned in after the grace period stated in the school handbook.