Waste Water Bids

On 11-1-17, the Cowan School Board approved the bids of E. Wilson Enterprises and Demolition Environmental Services.  Thanks to all vendors bidding on the project.

The remaining information on this site will remain in place until the plant is officially closed.

Cowan Community Schools currently operates a Waste Water Treatment Plant.  We are expecting a transition to the Muncie Sanitary District approximately mid-November.

Immediately upon the successful transition, we plan to remove all remaining waste water and lagoon water from our treatment plant, and we plan to remove the existing plant.

Cowan has advertised 2 Invitation to Bidders to complete this work.  Specifics to these bids will be posted on this webpage.  Further, this page will be updated if needed to answer any vendor questions.  For more information or to request a site visit, please contact us at 765-289-4866 or 765-216-1411.

Click Here to see a copy of the Invitation to Bidders and Timeline

Bid 1 - Removal of Waste Water (or Dewatering)
Upon successful hook up to the Muncie Sanitary District in mid-November, Cowan needs to responsibly remove up to 200,000 gallons of Lagoon and Waster Water from the existing plant.

Rough estimates include 45,000 to 55,000 gallons of water in the treatment plant and an additional 125,000 to 135,000 of water in the lagoon.  

Bids can be made for the per gallon removal cost or a total cost of all removal.  Vendors may visit for more exact estimates if desired.

Unless denied by IDEM or MSD, bidders may choose to bid a dewatering process with water flowing though the new sanitary system and the school paying current sewer rates.

Any legal disposal options will be considered to reduce the cost to the school district.

Click HERE for Specifications

Cowan receive final approval to send water from the dewatering process to the Muncie Sanitary District on 10-17-17.  If you are planning to bid this method and have questions, please contact dchambers@cowan.k12.in.us and erin@sweetenterprises.net

Bid 2 - Removal of the Treatment Plant

Upon removal of all wastewater, the plant needs closed.  Use the link below for all requirements of the plant closure.  Call 765-289-4866 or 765-216-1411 for a site visit.

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